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Spoil Me


Gifts are always appreciated but never expected 🥰. 

For Us To Share

I am a fan of both white and red wines and love a surprise bottle for sharing!

Image by Christian Wiediger

Splurge on an Amazon e-Gift card as a gift when you don't know what to get.​


Keep my skin looking dewy and fresh. I utilize the expertise of the team at Stockton Dermatology in Phoenix. 


I have a curious mind that loves to be fed and books are a favorite gift. Have you read something interesting recently that you would recommend? Share it with me!

Favorite topics: Science, History, Philosophy, The Great Writers of All Time, Fantasy/Sci-Fi

Screen Shot 2022-05-04 at 2.09.03 PM.png

I am a fan of all things Adidas and I love receiving gift cards for this brand. Add to my workout wardrobe!

My favorite local florist is Lush Bouquet of Phoenix, AZ. Flowers and plants are always appreciated! I love the vibrance they bring and knowing they are from you warms my heart.​

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Let Me Tease You

Have something you would like to see me in over dinner or later...behind closed doors? There are gifts card galore! Just ask as my lingerie wishlist is extensive.​

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