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Martinis in First Class

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

As I sit legs crossed in the private car of first-class enjoying the rolling hills and scenic valleys of our conversations drenched in the colorful landscape of thoughts and emotions I wonder when you will join me.

Although we both seemingly awoke on this train trapped, bewildered, and curious as to our arrival the views are beautiful and the concierge services available impeccable.

It´s rather futile to search for a way out and analyzing how you arrived in your current condition is equally useless. The only conclusion that seems reasonable is that once we connected by voice our fates were sealed.

That´s probably when the goddesses of the universe conspired with Fate and know the rest.

You said you took your martini extra dirty? I allow the acrid beverage to soothe my nerves and enjoy this ride I once again analyze the entries of my journal and put forth to forces unseen and obviously beyond me, "How are we supposed to know what this is exactly?"

Over the loudspeaker of the train, a reply is given, "You already know what that THIS is. The carriage you both find yourselves in is merely the vessel to your desired destination."

I look at my mostly empty glass. The hostess approaches, "The Sir in car two is considering joining you. Shall the first meal be prepared?"

I hadn´t even considered how famished my spirit had been. Pondering the obvious exacts a hidden toll. "Yes...and what will be the first course?", I reply cautiously as I watch a frenzy of giddy action among our captors to keep us sated and comfortable during our travels.

"Ahh yes, Madam! Trust that the primary feast the head chef is preparing will thoroughly sustain you both until the first destination is reached! You are long-awaited guests and your every desire and need were considered long before your arrival." She said as hints of excitement punctuated our hostesses´ voice.

Surprised I remarked, "There is a stop coming? You mean a choice?"

"Why yes. You both choose quite some time ago to be here right now in this moment and you will both be given a second choice shortly. But...I think at that stop, the captain and crew will simply need to restock the reserves and continue forward." With a knowing smile, the hostess vanished to answer the bell at the car door.

She said, "Welcome to first-class, Sir. You said you took your martini extra dirty?"


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