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Q2 Updates: 2022

Spring is here and the days are growing longer and hotter in the Valley of the Sun. Here's what's new in my world as we move into the 2nd quarter of 2022.

Covid News

I am tired, you're tired, we all are tired of hearing about covid BUT the virus is very much so a continuing presence in the lives of everyone. Now endemic, most all of us either know someone who succumbed to the virus, or have contracted covid ourselves. As mentioned before, I am vaccinated and boosted and I hope you are as well. I am no longer requiring masking but please avoid contact if you are not feeling well. I am also available for FMTY dates and have resumed touring to select cities.

Availability Changes

I will now be available in my base city of Phoenix, AZ, Monday through Friday from 8 am until 10 pm. This means that I end at 10 pm, not that I accept my last booking at 10 pm.

I am not be available on Sunday, as every lady needs a beauty break to relax and refresh. This only applies to my base city. Should I be touring, posted hours should be referenced.

I am also available by request to the following cities as they are <2hrs travel time:

➳ Flagstaff, AZ

➳ Sedona, AZ

➳ Prescott, AZ

➳ Tucson, AZ

Please understand that if you are requesting me to travel to you in any of the aforementioned locales, I require a $150 deposit to secure your booking. All engagements <4hrs should have an additional $100 added for the travel fee.

(e.g. I would like to invite you to Flagstaff for 1hr. ⮕ $500 hr. + $100 travel fee = $600 total)

You do not have to host (it is appreciated, however), as I can secure an upscale location for our rendezvous should that be necessary.

All deposits for any engagement can be remitted via Venmo, Cashapp, or Amazon gift card.

Bucket List Experiences

A surprising number of you have asked what are some bucket list items I would like to experience this year and for this quarter I will be planning the following adventures and invite you to share in them with me!

➳Tandem skydiving

➳Wine country tour


➳Surf lesson (if I can get over my fear of swimming in the ocean)

Tours and Travel

My calendar page is up and updated with my tours to other cities as well as vacation travel. If you click the blue box inside the calendar, a window will open with additional pertinent details.

I will be in NYC for my birthday month of April so if you have been wondering as to when I will return to the city of dreams to make your dreams come true, now is your chance!

April 2022 (birthday month)

New York, NY | 25th--29th

Located in Manhattan's LES

Daily availability 8am--10pm


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