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A deposit is required for all bookings. Please see FAQ.

When home: Monday—Saturday, 9am—9pm

While touring: 9am—10pm

Newark, Secaucus, Jersey City

Incall & Outcall

1 hour                                                         $700

90 mins                                                      $900

2 hours                                                       $1,100

3 hours                                                       $1,300

4 hours                                                       $1,600

6 hours                                                       $2,200

I see that I have caught you peeking. Something about me has you seeking behind the gilded curtain. Now that you have decided to take the plunge, what will it be? Are you quietly slipping away from the stressors of the boardroom with me, your paramour? Should we plan for something longer...perhaps I will wear your favorite little black cocktail dress and accompany you for libations to wet the appetite where 'Joie de Vivre' is the order of the day?

Preferred 411 ID: P41793


Incall | Outcall | Touring

1 hour                                                         N/A

90 mins                                                      $900

2 hours                                                       $1,300

3 hours                                                       $1,500

4 hours                                                       $1,800

6 hours                                                       $2,400

I get it. You don't often (or ever) find yourself in Newark, but you are wondering if I ever travel your area. I am an avid car enthusiast and love the open road! If you are in Northern New Jersey I am more than happy travel to you as requested. 

If I am touring your city, please note the above rates.

Complete my contact form and let's discuss the details.


Extended Dates

When Time & Resources Allow for the Ultimate Experience

8 hours                                                        $6,000

12 hours                                                      $8,000

24 hours                                                      $10,000

Bespoke                                                      Inquire

Have I Ieft you yearning for more? One cannot fully contemplate the enticing hidden details of another accurately and with depth in moments of brevity. Are you seeking something that is based on shared chemistry that ignites long dormant possibilities? 


Time falls to the recesses of the mind and we are both off the clock with nothing but the desire to savor the burgeoning passion of our relationship.


How? When? Where?


The logistics are delightfully ours to create.

Preferred 411 ID: P41793

FMTY | Touring

The siren song of NYC isn't heard by all, and you don't find yourself ever in New Jersey.

Consider sending me a personal invitation and flying me to you. We will discuss the details and requirements by phone and/or email and create your perfect bespoke date.


 If the aforementioned isn't quite in your budget, perhaps meeting me in-person on my next tour to your city is written in the stars? I post tour announcements to my blog as well as to Twitter.

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