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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Are You 420 Friendly or a Party Girl?
    ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! I take great care of what I put into my body. I work out daily at 4:30am, I follow a strict omnivore diet focused on lean meats and diverse vegetables, and I drink water nearly exclusively. I do not engage with patrons who wish to use drugs during our time together. While I believe everyone is free to explore mind altering substances, it is not something I engage in professionally or in my personal life. If this is something you wish to experience, I am not the provider for you.
  • Q: Is it really necessary to screen everyone? I can assure you that I am safe to see.
    A: I screen all first-time suitors and I do not accept references from dating agencies or masseuses. All references must come from independent companionship providers over 25. Not only for our mutual safety and peace of mind, but to ensure that our precious time together can be fully devoted to exploring the various aspects of our relationship. Mutual discretion is paramount. I never print or keep any records whatsoever after screening has been completed. If you are a new to this type of dating and you are reticent about giving me the necessary information to ensure mutual comfort during our first date, then I suggest you contact another companion. For those without references and/or who are not members of P411, I will accept one of the two methods listed below AFTER you have completed the contact form on my website. 1. Send a blank email from your work or university account (I do not respond, as your privacy is important to me). This email account must look similar to Or... 2. Cover up the address portion of your state issued ID with tape or a post-it. Your first and last name, DOB, EXP, Class, Lic# must remain visible. Take a picture holding this next to your face and text it to the number that I will provide. If this is something that you are uncomfortable doing, please consider someone else for dating. NOTE: If you wish to "pre-screen" me, you can view my Onlyfans by going to as I show my face there.
  • Q: Do you REALLY respond to 'By Request' bookings to my city?
    A: I absolutely do! I would not state something if I was not prepared or equipped to deliver on it. If you would like to request me to travel to you for an incall (me booking a location and us meeting there), or an outcall (you hosting me) and it is within the North New Jersey, Philadelphia, or Manhattan area, I will make it happen. If you would like to meet me in Newark, NJ, I am located near the New Jersey Performing Arts Center and Newark Penn Station.
  • Q: What's the most efficient way to get in touch with you?
    A: The most efficient way to connect with me is to complete the contact form at the bottom of my site or to text me directly if this is not our first time meeting. I respond to all forms contact within 24 hours. Emails from third party mailers or DMs to my Twitter have a longer response time as I do not check them as often so please be advised. It is in your best interest to email me or text me DIRECTLY if you are seeking to meet same day and with short notice. I can also be reached by text if we have previously met and we are developing a closer relationship. Should you decide to text me to express your interest in setting up a date, please understand that I will respond within 3 hours as I do have other life obligations. ​ I will contact you via text 2 hours before our scheduled meeting time to direct you to my incall location or to receive directions if you have requested an outcall. Please keep phone usage to a minimum and relevant to appointment communication only. IMPORTANT: An inquiry does not constitute a booking. As a woman who values authentic connections, I also screen for personality and lifestyle compatibility. Please feel free to introduce yourself and tell me why you think I am the right woman for you.
  • Do you ever see women solo or cater to couples?
    Of course! I most definitely do and I have written a blog post just for that! You can find that by clicking here.
  • Q: Every woman has her quirks about certain things, what are yours?
    A: My biggest one is what I consider common sense: Hygiene! Particularly oral, body, and hand hygiene. Infectious disease and molecular immunology were the primary focus of my graduate research interests and is still the focus of my professional interests. Microbial transmission and the etiology of various diseases is a highly fascinating subject... ONLY in journal publications and in a research lab. Cleanliness and fresh breath are not only healthy, they are sexy too! I prefer to date men between 35--70+. Gentlemen under 35 must have four references within the last six months to schedule a date with me. I do not allow any type of photography or videos to be taken during our date as that constitutes a violation of my privacy, nor do I send photos via text or email. Request such as these will result in all contact being permanently terminated and you being blacklisted.
  • Q: What are your specific rules regarding donations, cancellation policies and deposits?
    A: Please place your gift in plain view upon my arrival. A nice discreet place is on the counter in plain sight if you are at my location, or the bathroom vanity if I am visiting yours. Please take the time to choose your experience and understand additional time requirements beforehand. Any questions can be handled via email before our date. ​ Payment of Deposit: If you wish to book a date with me, I require a deposit of $150 USD to secure and confirm experiences under 2 hours. There are no exceptions even if we are well aquainted! For all engagements 3 hours duration or longer, a 30% deposit is required to secure and confirm our date. All payments are securely and discreetly processed through a secure online/mobile payment processor. Please note there is a 15% processing fee added to all electronic payments to covered LLC fees. Electronic Patronage (preferred): I use trusted processors if you wish to take care of patronage in full before our meeting. Personally, this allows for the creation of more intimacy between us as everything is taken care of before our meeting. Statements reflect "Alexandria Carter". Pre-Booking: I cannot stress enough the importance of pre-booking when I have made a tour announcement. If I do not receive enough pre-bookings for a given city, I will cancel the tour and refund 100% of any deposits received. My word is bond and I would never risk my professional reputation by not refunding deposits. Cancellation Policy: Life often comes with various ups and downs and we find that plans must be canceled. If you must cancel our engagement, please give at least 7 days advance notice to avoid the assessment of a cancellation fee. If you cannot give 7 days notice, please understand that a fee of $150 USD for the first hour and $100 USD for each additional hour booked is incurred. You can also choose to have your deposit go toward a future meeting if you re-schedule within 60 days. Should I have to cancel our engagement for some unforeseen reason of my own, 100% of any deposit paid is refunded to you immediately. As previously stated, I would never risk my professional reputation by not refunding a deposit. Note: For "Fly Me To You" dates you must cancel a full 30 days in advance to receive a full refund. Any cancellation that occurs in less than 30 days will receive a 40% refund. There is also the option to have deposits paid for FMTY dates applied to future date. The future date must take place within 90 days. Inquire via email if you wish to know more.
  • Q: Do you offer massage, cater to role-playing, domination or fetishes of any kind?
    A: If you are interested in giving or receiving a massage during our time together, let's allow for it to organically happen and allow space for natural touch to unfold. I am not a FBM provider and you are better off booking a true massage therapist. I'm not good at it. **PLAY I DO NOT ENGAGE IN**: I am not a PSE provider and I do not offer Greek or any unsafe services (for reasons I elaborate on in this blog post). I do not engage in painful play and I AM NOT A SUBMISSIVE. I know that there are those that find these types of play exhilarating and fun and as long as everyone plays safe, I think we all should be allowed to enjoy our naturally inquisitive adult selves. For me personally, these things do not turn me on and when something is not a turn on it is no fun for either person involved.
  • Q: Will you serve as a reference should I choose to date others?
    A: I understand one of the attractions and enticements of the adult dating world is the opportunity to meet new and exciting women from all over the world and as long as I've seen you within the last eight months, I am delighted to provide you with a character reference! For those that have not frequented ladies due to the pandemic, please be prepared to offer alternative methods for screening. ​ *Note to other ladies: the most efficient way to contact me for a reference is through e-mail.
  • Q: Do you date persons outside of your race, those with disabilities, or persons on the LGBTQ+ spectrum?
    A: I think it rather unfortunate that I even have to state this, but excluding someone based on race, gender/gender presentation, sexual orientation, ability status, or any other criteria is an unacceptable thing to do. I date anyone who approaches me respectfully, with kindness, and who respects my boundaries. Please let me know if you have any physical disabilities that require assistance so that we can discuss how I should accommodate you. As I often cook and serve beverages during our time together, please inform me of any food allergies if the date is to include dinner with your dessert!
  • Q: What will you wear on our date?
    A: I thoroughly enjoy choosing my own looks and styles. Not only is it one more way I can express my creativity, but I've never had a date express dissatisfaction with my fashion sense. When we first meet, I will be tastefully dressed. My wardrobe consists of Banana Republic business casual, Karen Millen of London and BCBG/Maxaria dresses as well as J Crew/Gap casual. Depending on where we are meeting and the time of day know that I will always be impeccably dressed and all smiles.
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