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Travel: 36 Horas en La Ciudad de México

Updated: Mar 29

I got lucky and didn't even know it. TravelGent booked my flight to Ciudad de México during a weekend when Catrina face painting and parades would begin and I was super excited to get out and spend the day taking pictures, filming and taking in everything there was to see about the city.

Fun Facts

According to Wiki Travel, the city is official divided into 16 delegaciones (boroughs) which are in turn divided into 1,700 colonias (neighborhoods). Mexico City's metropolitan area is one of the largest in North America and is home to 26 million people in an area of 60km x 40km. Many are aware that the city is built on the dry lake bed of Lake Texcoco and is surrounded by towering mountain and lush landscapes. You can read more about the city at the link provided above.

Friday 3pm: Shopping and Sightseeing

Eager to show me the city he has been calling home for the past six months, the first thing we did was get shopping out of the way. We headed to an area of the city, La Roma, where bookstores abound along with shoe and fabric stores that would please even the most discerning eye when it comes to craftmanship. I purchased a beautiful scarf for my sister at Carmen Rion's, grabbed a quick snack at La Bohême and sent a custom bag home for myself from Fábrica Social.

8pm: Culinary Adventures

We had reservations at Quintonil where the chef prepared a palate pleasing extravaganza that ensured I will return there time and time again. I had a freshly prepared tamarind margarita and our fare included tostada with smoked crab, lime, radish and habanero chile or the steak in pulque, made with fermented agave sap.

We finished the evening late lounging in our suite at the JW Marriott Mexico City enjoying the views as well as releasing the sexual tension I had apparently created in my little black dress at dinner.

Saturday 12pm-11pm: Catrina Parades

This hands down was the best day of my trip! We met up with local friends of his and enjoyed walking the streets in the Federal District. Face painting, street food, marching in the Catrina parade and enjoying the culture of the fantastic city consumed the day. According to my FitBit, we walked a total of 27 miles that day...which saved my waistline from all the amazing food I was intent on consuming.

I never expected Mexico to feel so familiar. Being from Texas, it was like taking a trip home--a walk through certain aspects and memories from childhood. I traveled back to the U.S. excited about the country that I will soon call home.



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