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Return to the Big Apple

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Everyone wants to live in New York...or so it is said. Everything about the city electrifies the very core of my being and I am enraptured with the food, culture, and people that are the lifeblood of this magnificent city. As I plan to relocate to New York in 2022, I have dedicated several tours to the city for 2019 and I just booked my flight for the first weekend in February. Are you ready to fall in lust all over again?


Friday 2/1: N/A Flying in

Saturday 2/2: 7am--Late night

Sunday 2/3: 7am--Late night

Monday 2/4: 7am--9am only

I will be staying in Midtown Manhattan so please plan accordingly if you seek to meet me during my stay.


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