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"Where Will My Wanderlust Take Me? Travel Plans and Goals for 2024"

That's a good question. As winter gives way to longer and warmer days, my thoughts turn toward business travel, social media engagement, and the delicate balancing act of those things with my civvy life.

Business Travel

I have begun to establish a base in Philadelphia, PA and will be visiting monthly. In fact, I LOVE Philly! Had I known that Philly was a city more suited to my vision of east coast living, I would have moved there over Newark. Not that I don't love New Jersey--I do, but Philly has an energy that I love more and more each time I am there.


I will be available in Philly the first week of every month. Incall will be in Center City or University City and outcall is available by request.


I share a private incall location in the East Village of Manhattan and am considering making myself available the fourth week of every month. I currently travel into the city by request being that I am only 20 minutes away. If you have been interested in seeing me in the city but have been wondering where I host from, now you know.

I will be touring Atlanta, GA March 21st--29th as posted here. I have done away with the tour page of my website as it was (1) ugly and (2) increased my digital workload. I have received many inquires as to my future plans to tour my former base city of Phoenix, AZ. I do not have any plans as of yet, however; I will be touring Phoenix twice this year. That much I know. Personal email will be sent to VIP patrons two days before I announce my tour publicly to give priority scheduling.

Social Media

Admittedly this is challenging for me. For all of you wonderful men and women who retweet me and engage with me, know that I see you. I appreciate you. I thank you. I am not ignoring you nor do I think, or have ever thought myself above anyone on any platform. I will engage and I will retweet when I am on the platform at times. I am very private person in real life who doesn't take pictures of myself or much of anything else. I actually do not have personal social media accounts with the exception of Reddit and a Tiktok account for voyeur purposes. I live old school. I actually enjoy things with my eyes and file them away in my memory (gasp!). Wait...I do take a lot of pictures of the food I cook. Forgot about that one.

I do have a goal of posting here more. But that has been said before...

New Photos

I will be planning a new professional photo shoot and releasing new photos somewhere around June/July. I need to step up my selfie game because you all seem to be bigger fans of those awkward, totally real shots on my "vintage" iPhone 7S.

Other Updates

I lead a pretty quiet and unassuming personal life. I eat clean, workout daily, love my friends and family, and I read a lot of books and watch anime from time to time. I've grown tired of pretending to be anything other than the bookish hot chick with a messy bun who likes to fuck, and who lives down the hall who is always cooking gourmet meals for herself. Unfortunately, I cannot regale you with fanciful stories beyond my setting of a new personal record in squats and assisted pull-ups in the gym lol.



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