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The Proper Way to Book A Date

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

The importance of a proper introduction cannot be overstated. The results can vacillate from being well received leaving you both excited for the date to come or being blacklisted and blocked from ever contacting her again. I know that many guys have no clue what to say or do in order to get started down the path of one of the most thrilling and intimate moments one can experience, but it is actually rather simple: Just treat meeting a companion the same way you would when booking a reservation at a very exclusive restaurant in town.

You begin with courtesy.

(phone ringing)...ME: "Hello, Olivia speaking!"

YOU: "Hi Olivia! This is J_______ S______. I've been viewing your ad on (insert where you saw ad) as well as your website and would like to schedule an (hour, two hour, or more) date."

ME: "Okay, J_____, are you looking to meet at my place or yours?"

YOU: " place." or "I don't mind a thought filled drive. Your place is fine."

ME: (Giggling) "Sounds great! What day and time were you thinking as I am available at..."

YOU: "I was thinking Friday around 3pm, but I will send an email with the additional information I see you require from your website. Is it ok to call or text to confirm that time with you?"

ME: "Thank you for sending the information I require. The time you are interested in certainly works with my schedule and I prefer text as I might miss a call."

My reasoning for posting this is that I want you to see how easy it is to have a good, clean call with a girl you have been dying to meet but you're not quite sure how to approach. Most ladies appreciate this approach--especially those that list their phone number and have very busy schedules.

Email only booking has become increasingly common. Email is my preferred method to receive dating inquiries. On my "About" page, complete the form and I will receive an email in seconds that contains 90% of the information that I need to follow up with you and set our next date. When the booking form is completed, your inquiry is taken seriously and this moves you to the top of my "To Do" list. You like to come in first, right? We both want to ensure our meeting for the first time is a relaxing and jitter free time together and completing my requests thoroughly and courteously ensures this for the both of us.

The newbie board on TER is the best place I have found online that is very informative for new guys looking to see a companion. Why see certain types of companions? Firstly, we are much safer than the alternative. We often host in upscale, private and discreet locations, are drug free, we make health and safety a priority and most importantly WE ARE DRAMA FREE! We are simply ladies who operate peacefully, quietly and discreetly and are not looking to cause you problems or bring trouble our way.

Lastly, never try and negotiate or argue about a companion's rate as it will not get you very far. If the woman you are interested in is at a rate beyond your budget or simply beyond what you are comfortable with do not badger her about it via text or email. Simply pass her by for someone who offers what you seek. It is as simple as that.


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