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Music From My Ears to Yours

Music should be an integral part of all of our lives. The ability to hear is one of the first things we develop in utero, as it is key to preparing the circuitry of the fetal brain for survival in the outside world. Music heals, soothes, and can help you shift your energy into beast mode for a killer workout.

Here's what I have been listening to on repeat for the first quarter of 2023:

Lofi sets the mood for admin and study sessions. I'm relatively new to Spotify. I kept getting Spotify shares from friends and having been a Pandora loyalist from its inception, I figured it was time to download the app and check out what the buzz was all about. Lofi has been my go-to of choice when writing, studying, or doing any task that requires concentration.

This is not exactly Lofi, but still plays nicely in the background when doing things around the house. It has become one of my favorite playlist discoveries so far.

When it comes to intimate moments, nothing sets the mood better that a solid low-key soundtrack. Diversity is key here, as I try to pair my musical tastes to what I think my beau of the evening would prefer.

I also have some French Café, Diana Krall, and Sisé in the mix as well. With over 15 playlists in my musical repertoire for boudoir music, it's hard to choose at times.

In the fall/winter of 2022, I began toying with the idea of cycling. Well, one episode of bonking mixed with mild heatstroke quickly sent me indoors to the stationary bike in my gym! In the 1990s and 2000s, I was majorly into Alternative Rock (remember Hoobastank and Blind Melon?) and I still listen to my favorites today. I hop on the bike and find a spot on the wall and GO! An hour and twenty-five minutes and many miles later, my legs are burning and my mind is clear!

And for my all-time favorite...

Yep...I was and still am a HUGE Zombie fan--his music, art, and film! I have never managed to see him in concert (bummer) but I rock out to him on the regular.

Lastly, there's my I'm a bad b*** music. Every girl has that one playlist that well...makes her feel like THAT girl. This is mine.

I hope you find some gems of your own within these playlists. Do you have any particular artists that are on repeat for you that I should listen to? Tweet @OliviaCorvisart and let's talk music!


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