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Well Now I Have an OF 🙃

Updated: Mar 17

I have gone back and forth about this since the platform first made its debut in July 2016. Created by British NSFW "online contentrepreneur", Tim Stokley , the website has exploded into the social zeitgeist and has become a household name alongside Pornhub. It feels like everyone is on it or has at least attempted it.

During the pandemic, the platform had reached iconic status when it received a shoutout from Beyonce in the remix of "Savage"by Megan Thee Stallion with the line:

Hips TikTok when I dance / On that demon time, she might start an Onlyfans.

The platform's promotion team responded, according to Rolling Stone, with ""Beyoncé, and any artist, are welcome to join OnlyFans at any time to foster a deeper connection with their fans.". The popularity of the platform and others like it, has skyrocketed and the trend shows no signs of slowing. There's nearly a platform available for every personality type, niche/kink/fetish, and the fanbase that goes along with that.

So why now and why am I late to the online party?

There are two main reasons: Fear and lack of resonance.

I value my privacy. I don't have personal social media, with the exceptions of Reddit and Tiktok, and I never post to either. Although everyone I know knows about my life as a SWr, I am otherwise a very private person. One look at my Xwitter page attests to this. My opinions are not presented there because (a) I not about to argue in my mentions on topics I feel passionately about, have studied, and/or lived (b) most all of my SWr career I have been a student and "post and go" has been my modus operandi. I had to relearned the Kreb's Cycle for the 14th time. Who has time to post?!

I also have been deeply uncomfortable with the sexual exhibitionist nature of Onlyfans. I am no prude but I am pretty vanilla. Masturbating and performing sex acts on camera gave me stage fright and despite my TER reviews, I did not feel confident my skills translated to inanimate objects online.

Lastly, there was a "creativity problem". How many times do you want to watch a "Get Ready With Me" or titties jiggle with a wiggle, wink, and a giggle?

A Shift In Thinking

My thinking shifted in a moment over a weekend. I was pondering the problem of "How do I attract new prospects?" and I realized that my online exposure is low and that I am relatively invisible online despite well positioned advertising. Then came the next question, "How do we get more exposure and monetize that exposure?"

Once again, I was engaging in a circular argument I had time and time again with myself: Start a damn Onlyfans!!!

But with what type of content? That is where I was stumped. While I was willing to start with what I have--a phone and big windows for lighting--I had no idea what to post, that was until out of frustration whilst studying I yelled:


All through academia you are told that you don't really understand something until you can ELI5 (explain it like I am five) to people who know zero about the topic and they understand it enough to ask intelligent questions regarding it. And this is how my Onlyfans was born!

Moving forward, my (Olivia) Twitter will consist of blog post updates, tour updates, and less nude photos. I will still post to it, but I am not sure what beyond the aforementioned. I will still be available to meet in-person and booking will remain as outlined on my FAQ page.


So here are the links to my content around the web. Everything is a work in process, so it is not very polished (yet) but I think that is part of its charm. You get to watch me grow as a creator in skill, scripting, and technologically. You also get to learn a few things if you can manage not be too distracted by my nudity and my silly antics 😂.

Coming soon Youtube and possibly Slushy

My Onlyfans subscription is currently $8.99/mo to unlock all the content on my wall. Once I have reached 100 subscribers, I will have a raffle where a name will be drawn from that first 100 and they will win a free three month subscription to my page along with a shoutout on all of my social media accounts (using discretion of course).

So sit back, relax, and let's grow! It's gonna be awkward, fun, sexy, silly, and educational for us both!


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