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Make Her Squirt

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

As I attempt to get back into a regular weekly writing groove I have decided to recount this delicious experience from the corners of my naughty mind.

The text messages began last Friday...

Her: "Boooooored! What are you doing this afternoon?"

Me: "Not much. Going over notes, power point lectures, and having a drink later with friends."

Her: "Ahh! Always the studious student. Any rotations this weekend?"

Now I knew what she wanted as she is rarely one for small talk. Our eyes locked across the room at a local dive bar and she sent over a drink to make her introduction. I fucked her later that same night in the backseat of her car. She loves to have my tongue lick her sweet pussy clean.

Me: "Unless it's about food, alcohol or sex you really don't contact me so which is it today?"

Her: "Today it is about alcohol and sex. I want you to fuck me and we tape it so that I can watch and masturbate to it later since you study so much and who knows when the next time will be."

I am a sucker for a sexy woman who knows exactly what she wants and is not afraid to ask for it. Nice tight curves, an eager tongue, and lips perfect for a three-way kiss. She´s hard to resist.

So she arrives with mezcal and as I cut oranges and sprinkle them with sal de gusano, she slips out of the sundress she is wearing and hops up on the island in my kitchen legs spread pussy already wet and engorged. "It looks like you have taken the liberty of pleasing yourself a few times before arriving?", I say to her as I hand her a shot glass. I place my free hand over her cunt and insert a finger into her wetness. I hear her breath catch before she speaks,"Of course I know me. You make me wait too long for your tongue on my clit." There is the dirty girl glint in her eyes that I love. I love to watch her look at men that way--it always drives them wild and brings a knowing smile to my face. My lips meet hers to taste the smokiness of the liquor and sweetness of the oranges. My mouth slips from hers and I trace kisses and bites down the left side of her neck. "Mmmmm...get your laptop. Let's tape this shit.", she says. She always curses when excited...and it only makes me want to fuck her longer, harder and faster until we are both breathless. I take a moment to walk naked into my bedroom and retrieve my laptop buried among my study materials on my desk. I return to her--still perched atop the counter naked sipping mezcal and biting into an orange slice juices dripping playfully down her chin. She reaches out and tweaks one of my nipples as I set up the camera on my laptop to record the action. "Make sure you get good lighting and a good angle this time. The last video left alot to be desired." She winks at me and slips a mouthful of the tonic into my own. I trace kisses down her midsection and her hands are in my hair pushing me to her throbbing pussy. I can smell her already. A little bit of sweat and perfume mixed from the drive over. I can feel my own cunt throbbing as I take in her scent. "You know you been wanting me...I can feel it.", she says breathlessly. I lie to myself in thought: I think it is more her that has been wanting me...after all who initiated the text? I take her clit into my mouth and being to slowly suck and lick it until it's erect and full. I can hear her breath catch in her throat and feel my own juices between my legs. I hear her moan as I increase the the pressure on her clit with my tongue. "Mmmmm...", I moan aloud into her sweetness as I wrap an arm around her arching back in order to pull her closer to the source of her pleasure. "Suck me! Lick that pretty pussy like you want it." She grabs another handful of my hair tilting her pelvis forward so I can get more of her into my mouth. The smell and taste of her pussy is intoxicating along with how engorged it is in my mouth. I get lost between her thighs with every encounter and enjoy the thrill of watching her fuck and suck the cocks of other men when we go to play parties.

I further increased the speed with my tongue and inserted a few fingers. I could feel her tighten around my fingers sending shivers through my body. "Fuck me...fuck me please!", she could barely get the words out before she is grabbing my arm forcing my fingers deeper into her tight wetness. Lost in her scent and taste, I thrust my fingers harder and faster into her pussy taking in her moans and feeling her G-spot grow larger preparing to drench me with her wetness. "I'M ABOUT TO CUM!" She screams, her legs are shaking so hard they are rattling the doors on the cabinets below. I am pumping my fingers so hard and so fast in and out of her pussy they are getting numb as the walls are slammed shut ready to release what feels like a powerful orgasm. Suddenly she arches back and grabs the rear end of the counter and squirts all down my breasts and in my mouth. FUCKING wonderful!

She comes to and collapses over my shoulder. "Whew! You are such a good fuck. Wouldn't more of our playdates love to see such a thing?" My fingers are still inside her tight pussy enjoying the sensation of her throbbing walls. "Yeah...yeah they would.", I reply halfway listening to her lost in my mind about how much more time I have to possibly fuck her and study at the same time. I pull out and lick my fingers clean before turning off the camera on my laptop. She giggles, "I think we got a good one this time."

Yeah, I was damn good.


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