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Anal Initiation (pt 1)

It was the most natural sound in the world after a long week of intense and successful business negotiations: The pop of a champagne cork. I had been looking forward to hearing it all week and had expected to hear it, knowing that I would get the deal finalized. What I hadn't expected, however; was to be looking across the table at a startlingly beautiful brunette and seeing her teasing, electrifying eyes as the cork exited the bottle of Veuve Clicquot.

We were sitting together in a bar near my hotel in a fashionable arrondissement in Paris. We had sat side by side all week during the final negotiations. She had been assigned to me as a translator and we had quickly become confidants. I soon found myself sharing my strategy with her and she soon proved to be more than an adept translator feeding me with good ideas and educating me on the subtleties of Parisian business culture. The rush of wrapping up a multi-million-dollar European deal was now both of ours to savor.

The clientele in the bar was far too conservative and snobbish to contain the budding sexual tension between Sophie and I. But it was perhaps for the best, I thought to myself, for that sexual tension had caught me completely unawares and I hadn't yet figured out how to tackle it. I was a married man, after all, and my head was usually so wrapped around business that these fledgling visions of having her thighs wrapped around my head were warping my mental space and making my heart beat faster. I was out-of-depth when it came to flirting. It was as though I had forgotten how to read social signals out in the wild.

Looking back, I suppose I should have seen it coming. In the course of the five days of negotiations, we had grown ever closer. I had noticed the increase in brief physical contact: hands lightly brushing together, arms pressed close as we walked, the French double-cheek kisses gradually edging closer to the mouth and lasting just that little bit longer than they should. But now here I was...alone with her in a bar celebrating and noticing quite suddenly how stunning and all around lovely she was.

If I was 43 going on 30, she was 34 going on heaven. How could I have not noticed all these details before? My breath caught in my throat as I took in the sight of her. Rich, deep sable hair dancing playfully on her shoulders, her slim frame with an amply-filled bra, long legs that perched upon a perfect ass. And those eyes. I mentioned them before, I know, but electrifyingly sexy says it all. I was sure that all week they were intense and passionate but now they were firing off signals that I was almost afraid of interpreting.

"Cheers, Martin! Congratulations!" Her voice silky smooth, just throaty enough and with just enough French accent to maintain that irresistible charm.

"Sophie, I could not have done it without you. Cheers." I said, as I raised my glass in a toast to our success.

We sipped our champagne and let the bubbles do their wicked work. I should have been sitting there feeling like the king finance - as I usually do after wrapping up big deals - but I discovered I was feeling rather like a teenage boy again. I found myself wondering what to do and planning vague, badly organized excuses for leaving despite the obviousness of what was unfolding before me.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on which side of my brain you are listening to, Sophie was far too brazen, far too driven, and far too adult for my own good.

"Martin, I don't think we need waste time analyzing the situation. We both know what's going to happen. The sooner it happens the better." Her eyes were fixed on mine as she spoke. Her voice was low and sultry. Her intent was clear. I swallowed hard. And in one flashing moment I was reduced to jelly. My willpower had left the building.

How we got from there to here is irrelevant. For here is where I wanted to be. On my back in my hotel suite with Sophie now naked and astride me, her taut ass rising and falling as she fucked my cock with her tight cunt, her lips kissing me hungrily, her bilingual moans vibrating in my ears right into my soul. And I kissed her back just as hungrily and let my own hips rise to meet hers, fucking my cock up into her. It was a whirlwind of sex: heated, hard and soft all at once, mutual and passionate. It was an affair at its very best. And there we remained for the better part of an entire weekend, subsisting on room service and champagne, fucking each other into a coma only to wake and do it again with added intensity. My cock found its way into her every eager hole and she did things to me that are probably illegal in some countries. It was glorious.

I was thrilled and surprised to discover her passion for feeling my cock in her ass and was always eager to exploit it. If her cunt was silky, hot and tight, her ass was a red-hot pinhole. Never had I felt such tightness, such heat swallowing my cock. Her moans lowered a notch when I fucked her in the ass, taking on a guttural more animalistic tone. She swung her head from side to side with every one of my rough thrusts.

Needless to say, I was quite taken with Sophie and fleeting thoughts about giving up my life in order to be with her started popping in and out of my head. Just the sex talking, I was sure, but the fact remained that she was fantastic in the boardroom and the bedroom and she had managed to wrap me around her slim, exquisite finger.

On the late morning of the third day of our affair, things took a fateful turn. We were in the shower in my hotel suite soaping each other up and teasing each other playfully. My cock was hard - I couldn't actually remember it being flaccid over the past two days - and Sophie was slowly caressing it to attention with soap as we kissed. My hands kneaded her ass and I groaned onto her tongue as her fingers danced along my cock. Inevitably, I found my hands kneading closer and closer to the crack of her ass and one of my fingers sought out the most precious place of all: her tiny, puckered asshole. I loved the feel of it and my fingertip rotated around her muscles, intent on sliding inside.

Now it was Sophie's turn to turn up the volume and start moaning encouragingly. Her grip on my cock tightened as my finger slid in and wriggled inside her hole. It was then she suddenly broke off our passionate kiss and fixed those eyes into the eternal darkness of my soul.

"You like my tight asshole, don't you?"

"Yeah. I love it. I love fucking it, Baby. You like my finger there?"

"Yes... fuck, yes! Like a little cock, fucking me in the ass. More..."

I obliged her sultry whisper screams, sliding my finger in farther.

"Fuck, it feels good! A little, dirty cock fucking me... You like it?"

"So tight, baby..."

"Your turn..."

I didn't quite get what she meant but her eyes proved that she knew what she was playing at.

"Let me show how good it is..."

I had been putty in her hands for the whole weekend, so my level of resistance was non-existent. She let go of my cock and pushed me back against the tiles. My finger slid out of her ass and she smiled sexily, naughtily.

"Look..." She put one of her hands down by her shaved cunt, letting her pointer finger jut out, aimed at me.

"See? It's a little cock, Mar-teen..." She said, in her deep accent.

I nodded, still not knowing where she was going with this but nonetheless willing to follow her. With her other hand she turned me around so I was facing the wall. The hot water cascaded down my back. She grabbed my hips and made me thrust my ass out towards her.

"A little cock, Darling..." I gasped as I felt the tip of her finger start wiggling between my ass cheeks. I gasped again when I realized where it was headed. I didn't protest. This confident, aloof, hardcore business genius was reduced to being an obedient school boy.

And there it was. The tip of her pointer finger made contact with the reluctant muscles surrounding my asshole. I was acutely aware that my mouth and eyes were open wide as I pressed my forehead against the tiles. My body was stiff, unsure, a little unwilling but all that was countered by the sensation in my rock-hard cock. It was twitching and bobbing of its own accord. Pulsing on every adrenaline fueled heartbeat.

Sophie's finger was insistent. She soon found my asshole and, with tiny circular wiggles, her slender finger edged past the sentinel muscles. Even over the rushing water, I could hear Sophie breathing hard. That certainly didn't help the only turned me on. Conflicting signals in my brain did battle, but the battle was brief. The sex won and to my own amazement, I felt my ass pushing ever so slightly backwards to meet her 'little cock' as she called it.

I glanced over my shoulder and saw Sophie staring down at her finger, lost in the sight of it, in another place altogether. She was panting, her eyes wide. She was still holding her hand down in front of her cunt still playing that it was, in fact, a little cock with which she was violating me.

I had had a finger in my ass before. Like many a man, it had to be tried in the course of a health adult sex life. But this was new and this was crossing my vague, fuzzy zone of comfort. Funny how in the heat of a sexual moment the brain can still actually argue two sides of a case. All thoughts were erased, however; when Sophie had gained enough access to my ass to shove her finger in rhythmically without resistance. This caused us both to groan loudly, for intersecting reasons.

"Yeah, baby", she muttered throatily. "My cock is in YOUR ass now..."

I didn't know how to respond. The realization that she was in complete control and that I was a pawn to her desires was humbling. I groaned and allowed the thoughts to fall away.

"You like it... I can tell...tell me how you like my petite coq..."

"Yeah...yes I like your little cock in my ass." I heard myself moan out. And I did...she had fucked her finger so far up my ass that I could feel her fist urgently forcing its way between my ass cheeks.

"TELL ME AGAIN!" Her tone was more ragged and dominant.

"Yeah...I like it..." I said breathily, but that wasn't good enough apparently. I felt her thrust her hips to fuck her cock into my ass harder. She withdrew her cock and then fucked hard into me again.

"I like your finger in my ass..."

"It's not a finger... is it?"

"Your... cock... your little cock... in my ass..."

"Yes...MY cock... You like fucking my tight little ass, don't you, Martin... now I want to play, too..." She started to fuck her hips against me and her finger slid in and out of my ass with greater and greater ease, wiggling when it deep inside me and then sliding smoothly out. And repeat.

"Oh, fuck yeah...", Sophie grunted. I looked back again and saw her completely and utterly engrossed in the sight of her little cock fucking me in the shower.

"Your ass is tight, too, Baby... just like mine..." Her words, her arousal, her insistence all served to evaporate any inhibitions I had left and I soon started pushing my ass back against her, egging her on.

"Fucking hell... yeah... you love it... you love my cock in your ass..."


"Tell me..."

"I love your... cock... in my ass. Fuck me with your cock... fuck my ass with your cock, baby..."

Where the fluency to speak those words came from I will never know. But I meant it. My cock was raging, slapping against the tiles with every thrust of my ass.

"What is it boys do when they do this?" She queried knowingly. Before I could figure out what she meant, I felt her free hand slide around my hips and seek out my cock. She grabbed it hard and that was just perfect. It was still soapy and her hand squeezed it hard and started to jack it. Tight and steady.

"They call this a reach-a-round, don't they?" I had no fucking idea what 'they' called it and I didn't care. I was quickly losing myself in the moment. I found that I bucked my hips even more in order to assist her handling of my cock and discovered the double-edged sword. I was making her finger slide even farther up my asshole to my amused pleasure.

An orgasm had appeared on the horizon and I was eager to ride out and meet it. I could see it clearly as it was approaching me. Sophie could see it too and she increased both the fucking of her cock in my ass and jacking me off. She leaned in to my back, laying her warm cheek against me focusing intently on her task.

I came with a roar. The new sensations were incredible, even after a whole weekend of fantastic sex. Her hand kept pumping my cock as I felt hot cum rise up my shaft and promptly splatter against the tiles in thick streams. My body quivered and twitched as the orgasm seemed to ripple out away from us. At the end of it, Sophie slowly slid her finger out of my ass with a groan and let go of my cock. I was gasping against the tiles and slowly stood upright and turned to face her.

I'll never forget that look in her eyes. It was frighteningly sexy as ever; an animalistic arousal on a whole new level. Looking into the proverbial rear-view mirror, I can see now that it was the edge of obsession. But of course I was blind to the carnality of women's desires.

We lay lazily on the bed afterwards and shared a joint. In silence. I was contemplating this sudden shift to a new, undiscovered level. She was, I was sure, replaying the act in her mind. Finally, she spoke.

"That turned me on in an unexpected way." Her words cut through the silence and drifted through the room.

"I noticed that." I stated surprisingly matter-of-factly as I analyzed what I just witnessed and experienced.

"I mean it... you get all that fucking power as a man. Women can be in control and get some of what we want through cunning and grace, but that raw fucking power, that hard cock thrusting and fucking... it's so... so... animalistic. Most women have no idea." There was excitement in her voice as she spoke.

I was in awe at her tone of voice, her faraway eyes, her desire to feel that 'power'. She rolled to her side looked at me but through me.

"You liked it more that you were prepared to like it. I could tell"

"Yeah...I was sexy...but that's mostly because you're sexy." I was trying to hide just how much of a mind fuck it was to have experienced that with the most beautiful woman on the planet.

She rolled over onto to her back and stared at the ceiling. There was that look again. It excited me and frightened me all at once. Her hand caressed my chest, flicking and pinching my nipples before sliding sexily down my stomach. She rolled over to grab my cock. It was hard when her fingers reached my pubic hair and then my shaft. It never ceases to amaze me how many hard-ons are produced during affairs.

She teased my cock lightly with her fingers all the while fixing me with that look. I started to pant ever so slightly.

"I want to try it. To try and fuck you again."

"You've been doing that for two days, Sophie." I was puzzled at what she was getting on about.

"No. Not like that. There are other ways. I'm going to show you. I want to fuck you like a man fucks a woman." Her eyes were fierce and wild.

Before I could answer, protest, agree, or anything at all she had straddled me. "I'm going to show you. I'm going to fuck you. Lift up your legs."

She hooked her arms under my knees in a flash and raised my legs up - just like a man who is muscling his way between a woman's legs. I let her as I suddenly seemed to have no choice in the matter. She was driven and that coupled with my curiosity rendered me weak on will and...I feared...verging on submissive.

She made me put my legs up over her shoulders. So far, the position looked right, just like a man ready plunge his cock deep inside a woman, but she was far from finished. She scooted her ass and pussy closer to my ass.

"Now we'll make your cock my cock." She chirped and grabbed my hard shaft and bent it backwards, towards her. I flinched a bit, but she was careful. She thrust her pussy forward and guided my swollen cockhead to her waiting hole.

"FUUUCK, I'm so wet!" She said that to herself and to no one in particular. It was a statement of fact, of arousal, of desire from her lips to heaven's ears.

Once the head of my cock nudged between her silky lips, it rested against her pubic bone and was prevented from snapping back towards my stomach. She scooted up again to allow my cock to slide farther inside of her. It hurt having my cock bent backwards like that, but it was the kind of pain you can live with knowing pleasure waited on the other side. With grunts and groans she worked my cock up inside of her. So hard was I, so wet was she, that it was like a hot knife cutting butter. With a little hopping kind of movement she forced herself down on my cock so that it was buried deep within her wetness. She put her shoulders into it, leaning forward and forcing my legs back even further.

Soon she was on top of me, holding herself up with her hands and staring at me as she panted ravenously. I realized I was lying prone beneath her...just like a woman beneath a man during missionary.

"Now watch. Watch my cock fuck you." We both looked down between our legs as she started to raise her ass up, bringing the shaft of my cock into view.

"Look at it and look carefully. If you look just right, you can imagine that it's my cock sliding into your cunt." She raised up a little for effect.

Fucking hell! It wasn't hard to imagine at all. If you've tried it, you'd be sure to agree. The sight was riveting and unsettling all at once. Sophie started to pump her ass up and down. The shaft of my...umm HER cock disappearing from view. It took only seconds to imagine that her cock was sliding into me. Into my...cunt.

There was an urgency about Sophie as we fucked like this. She underwent a transformation more obvious than in the shower as she was in full view this time. She started fucking me harder and was soon slamming her ass up and down on my cock. Or rather, slamming her cock into my wet and greedy cunt.

"Yeah you see? You like this don't you? Look at me, Baby, I'm fucking your pussy. My big, hard cock is fucking your sweet little hole and it is begging for more. Just look at it."

She wasn't fishing for a reply. She was lost in the moment.

" me fuck're my little office slut and I'm fucking your tight hole."

She said looking down at me. I was helpless beneath her. Physically and more alarmingly--mentally.

"Say it..." She demanded.

"What I--" My mind was reeling with the new sensation of pleasure and pain and the visual bleeding into a sexual kaleidoscope.

"Say: 'fuck me with your mancock'. I'm your sexy little bitch. Do it!"

I swallowed hard. I could hear my voice say it but my voice was faraway and separate from me. "Fuck me...fuck me with your mancock. I'm your sexy little bitch! fuck me...please"

"Yes...yes! Yeeees once more!" She insisted.

"Fuck me harder, Sophie! Let me feel your cock deep inside of me...I can feel it inside me filling me up..."

And that was it. I couldn't stop the flow. My own transformation had begun. The fall of reason had commenced. You can't tackle it in the heat of the moment. You can only look back at it with regret or with a smile. The words came out of my mouth of their own accord. I stared in awe up at this gorgeous woman with this amazing body and soul and all I wanted was to please her and to have her fuck me.

"You like my cock?"

"It's so big...fuck me with it!"

"Yes...yes...YES! I'm fucking you and you love it! I'm your man, Baby, and you're my sexy little slut with the tight, wet, willing cunt."

"I'm your sexy little bitch!"

"Yeah? Then play with your tits, Bitch!" She yelled seductively.

In a flash, my hands went up to my chest and I started kneading my imaginary tits; pinching my nipples and pulling them hard. Sophie watched me, mouth open, eyes wide with gleeful pleasure. A whole world of fantasy occupied her mind and I was a mere pawn in her game.

Her hips started slamming hard onto what used to be my cock. Slamming hard. So hard I had to bite my lip. Her pubic bone rammed mine and my cock battled against the wickedly unnatural angle. Sophie fucked me good.

"I'm going to--" I gasped.

"NO THE FUCK YOU ARE NOT!! It's my cum! I am going to cum! I'm going to shoot my hot cum inside your cunt and you're going to take it all!" She snapped thrusting even harder.

"Oh fuck!" I heard myself say."Cum for me, Sophie, cum deep inside my pussy. I know you want to...give it to me, Sophie."

Sophie was watching my face intently; watching for the telltale signs that accompany an orgasm. My mouth froze in a silent scream and when my body tensed, she timed it to perfection. She started fucking me more erratically--just like a man--and when I felt that glorious sensation start to peak, she thrust her hips into me and held fast, letting her lithe frame twitch as she 'came'.

"Mmmm...fuck! You like that...don't you, Baby? You like when I come deep inside of you..." She couldn't say another word. A sudden, unexpected orgasm washed over her and she was possessed.

We lay there in the throes of each of our orgasms, letting the simultaneousness of it all take the whole thing up a notch.

When we both came off the dopamine high somewhat, my legs slipped off her shoulders and she collapsed on top of me. My cock was still in her cunt (or hers in mine?) and was still throbbing and pumping even though it was spent.

End of Part 1


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