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Location! Location! Location!

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

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Aside from market size, cost of living, and ease of travel away from our base city, astute providers always take into consideration our hosting location. We wouldn't want our clients trekking to a part of the city that is unsafe or difficult to navigate. When planning my relocation to Newark, NJ I knew the disreputable reputation the city had. To call it "Brick City" was an understatement. Although the housing developments that gave the city this nickname have since been torn down, the name was still in use due to bricks being used to break car windows during the city's high car theft era of the 90s and early 2000s.

Newark–like any large city in the U.S.–has it s bad elements. But many major revitalization projects have been nearing completion at a brisk pace across the city bringing with it wealth, entertainment, and the arts. One notable area of revitalization is the Downtown area which I have chosen as my base. I have found a quiet and cozy corner near the NJPAC, Rutgers University, and the Prudential tower to call my home and I love it. It is an area that offer tons of dining and social options and is a 12 minute walk to NJPenn station. My place is spacious, light filled, and most importantly discreet.

But is the area safe?

In a word: Yes

The area is very safe. Far less crowded than Manhattan, there is ample parking should you be driving to my private incall location. The parking is well lit and with a heavy security presence outside and inside the attached deck. Additionally, I've counted four very secure parking decks close to my building as well. Should you opt for the 20 minute ride to me from Manhattan (or quicker if you are traveling from nearby cities in NJ), rest assured that you're just as safe walking from NJPenn as you would be walking down any street in Manhattan.

And that is it!


I am available Monday–Saturday from 9am–9pm and require at least 24 hours advance notice for booking whether you're seeking an incall or an outcall. If we have previously met, I ask for at least 4 hours advance notice and you're free to send me a short text notifying me of your request ♡.

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