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Making a Great First Impression

As I am expanding my advertising to new platforms, I notice that many of you are struggling with how to strike up a proper conversation that will lead to our first in-person date. Believing that some of you are acting in good faith and are actually seeking to make a connection, this blog post is for you.

"Hey. Hi. U avail?"

Let's think about this for a second. You are texting/calling someone who you do not know and aside from your text above, has no clue who you are, but yet you are wanting a response because you would like to schedule time with them in-person, correct? Ask yourself the question of, "Would I respond kindly--if at all--if I received such a text or phone call?"

No, no you would not.

Let's walk through proper communication that will convert into a connection and quite possibly one that will flourish over time.

It is imperative that in your initial text or phone call you make a proper and full introduction.

When Texting

Hello/Hi, my name is Bill Smith, and I saw your ad on XYZ platform. I am seeking to meet you Tuesday, 5/21 at 12pm for 90 minutes. Are you available on that day at that time?

This text contains all the necessary information and it makes an incredible impression. It demonstrates to me that you are someone who has probably read my website and/or viewed my socials. It shows that you are serious about meeting and are looking to streamline the booking process for us both. Most of all, it demonstrates professionalism. Professionals take the businesses of others seriously because they too wish to be taken seriously.

The exact same should be done should you elect to call rather than text. Don't blurt out, "Aye, you available right now?" like a knuckle dragging troglodyte. Imagine for a second if you have been putting out your resume and curriculum vitae and a company that was interested in interviewing you called you and the first words out of the scheduler's mouth was, "Aye, can you come in Friday?". You'd probably hang up and if you didn't you definitely would be like WTF is this and upon finding it was an interview opportunity, you would decline.

...then why are you surprised when a provider does the exact same?

The Way to What You Want

It's quite simple. Read the ad in its entirety and follow any directions given. If it is simply an ad, then approach the provider how you would want someone you do not know who is about to ask you for something to approach you.

Furthermore, if the provider has a website, go read the website. The FAQ should be the first page that you direct your attention to as it will contain step-by-step instructions on actionable steps that you must take in order to meet with her. This merits repeating:

The more pertinent information that you provide in your initial text, phone call, or email increases the likelihood that you will find your desire to meet fulfilled.

The only thing that remains is for you to show up on time and to be ready to have a good time. Remember, you are ultimately compensating someone so that your ideal intimate experience comes to fruition. You are seeking a provider because you want uncomplicated access to a discreet dalliance, right?

Therefore, always put your best forward and make a great first impression.


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