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A Masterful Performance

Updated: Mar 29

This is another one of my erotica pieces. Fresh from my naughty mind.

“Wanna go to the theater?” I rolled over and wiped the sleep away from my eyes as I squinted from the light of my cell phone. “What the fuck is wrong with him?!”, I thought, as I looked over at the clock on the nightstand, it read “10:30pm” and I had to be up quite early the next day. Fucking Brian. He knows I am not a night owl.

Before I could respond, my phone was ringing. “Hey…did you get my text?” He queried before I could get finish hello. “Yes…yes I did and what kind of thea---“, I was cut off.

“Get up and put on those thigh high boots, black lace crotchless panties, and that demi bra that exposes those decadent nipples of yours. I’m already at your door.” Before I could react, a knock came.

“Shit!” Slightly pissed and oddly aroused I lazily arose from my bed as the knocking became insistent. “Coming, goddamnit! Chill out Bry!” I shrugged an over-sized tee onto my naked frame and wondered aloud why am I still fucking my ex.

I opened the door, “Hey beautiful,” said Brian with the usual lecherous grin, “I wonder why we don’t date anymore but yet here I still am…hard dick and all.” I rolled my eyes and turned on my heel to go fulfill his wardrobe request. “Where the hell are we going and why do I need to be dressed like a whore while you are wearing...”, I turned to see him remove his coat, “A FUCKING TUXEDO?!” I exclaimed with thinly veiled anger in my voice. “Why can’t you just do as I asked without questioning my motive?” He stated flatly without looking at me while he draped his coat over his arm. I was deep in my closet searching for the boots. I could hear him rummaging my dresser.

I slid into a pair of delicate black lace panties that gaped in front exposing my carefully manicured tufted nethers and paired them with a matching black demi bra that allowed my gluttonous nipples to peek above the lace line which were quickly becoming erect from the cold of the room. Brian’s eyes and cock immediately took notice. He walked over and took one of my breasts into his hand and greedily sucked, “Mmm…still lactating a bit from your heucow training? Let’s see if we can’t get a full spray tonight.”

I quickly put on my coat, and shot him an evil glance to detract from my clit pulsing between my thighs while I also enjoyed the delicious hatred of my lust for him. Silently I walked to the door and jerked it open, “Shall we and your giant ego proceed to wherever in the hell you are putting me on display tonight?” His eyes glimmered and betrayed the excitement in my own as I felt my crotch engorge.

The Opening Act

Source: Tumblr

“It is hot, stuffy and smells like old people!” I leaned over and whispered in his ear as I wrinkled my nose. Brian had gotten us balcony seats to Les Misérables. “Of course, Leela, only old people and teens dragged by force attend such events,” He continued, “and you appear to be a bored 30-year-old teenager at the moment.” Immediately his face went dark as he quickly cuffed my hands behind my back with a set of quick release cuffs, “Shall we make the most of the evening then?”

My head grew heady with a familiar desirous Pavlovian response. My weakness: I am exhibitionistic voyeur; it is the sinful craft that I live for. At that moment, my field of vision curiously noted the fact that there were only men in our balcony area. I slid to my knees and positioned myself in between Brian's thighs and instinctively opened my mouth and looked up, “Yes please.” He undid his trousers to reveal his hardening cock and pushed it into my waiting mouth, "Now Leela, show everyone what an exemplary performance looks like," he stated, as he grinned wickedly down at me.

The many men sitting in the balcony began to take notice of Brian’s expressions of pleasure as

I took the full length of his cock into my wet, warm mouth. Up and down his shaft I went as I watched him watch our audiences’ reactions. Several men moved nearer to get a better view, other feigned disgust and shifted uncomfortably but continued watching from the corners of their eyes, while a few of them attempted to rub their cocks discreetly through their trousers.

My cheeks flushed hot at the thought of being watched by so many people in such a public place. The singing of the play below faded to the background as I could feel the juices from my fully aroused and engorged pussy running down the inside of my thighs. My eyes rolled back in pleasure from the saltiness of Brian's flesh in my mouth. My body screamed viscerally to be fucked and the sexual tension in the room was so thick only hot streams of cum could satiate everyone’s desire and the confusion at what was taking place before their eyes.

Brian suddenly lifted his head and in deadpan said, “Stop. I will uncuff you. You are to move to the middle seat directly behind me and between the two gentlemen. Remove your coat once I uncuff you.”

I did what I was told and stood as the men behind Brian gasped with redden faces not sure whether to call security or succumb to the desires of their own flesh.

I sat between the two he had instructed me towards and with my head back, my eyes closed and my mouth gaping open I was in character. I held my breasts high and with nipples erect, I parted my thighs exposing my visibly wet cunt. I am the gift and this was the invitation.

Getting lost in the sumptuous pleasure of the audience is the only thrill that feeds and actor's soul.

Everything became sensation: I felt greedy tongues and lips suckling at my breasts. I could feel my breasts being drained and as I became increasingly aroused they became ever ready to feed the faceless men and hard cocks around me.

I could smell Brian's cologne as he stepped around behind me and gripping my long black hair he directed my gapping mouth at each cock waiting its turn. “All are hard and eagerly pointing at you,” He said, “When everyone has drenched your face and you have swallowed your fill. I will have you, but not before I enjoy the spectacle.”

A shiver of pleasure washed over me as I felt the first cock touch my lips whilst another plunged deep inside me. My senses were aroused from every angle possible. I open my eyes to enjoy the view of everyone’s pleasure including my own.

A short, very thick man approached my mouth and as he plunged in anonymously I could taste his guilt and his pleasure. He grabbed my head and fucked my mouth vigorously until he let out a wimper of pleasure along with copious amount of hot and sticky spunk. Before I could lick his cock clean, he was being shoved away to my left by a confused, thin man who was seemingly being lead by his cock like a moth to flame much to his chagrin. He tilted my head as far back over the seat as I could go to lessen my gag reflex and slid his long, thin cock down my throat like a sword. He arched his back and slowly stroked until he came and held his pelvis flush to my lips. I felt with each of his orgasmic spam streams of hot cum slide effortlessly down my throat. As he backed away, I looked up to another lecherous face, dick in hand who was thrusting his cock between my milky, streaming breasts. Squeezing my ample breasts together he thrust between them over and over forcing milk from my nipples to flow over the head of his cock like a water lapping at stones. I threw my head back and laughed in mockery at his desire, his miserable Darwinian need to fuck my tits in a public circle jerk when everything about his demeanor taught him to avoid people like Brian and I. I was one of those dangerous women who reveled in their very selfish sexual satisfaction, who flaunted and weaponized their desirability. I was among those women who understood a whore’s glory, and each and every one of them envied and despised men like Brian who liked to watch other men fuck their whore wives and girlfriends all while having zero regrets or judgements.

He grimaced silently and his cock erupted like a slow volcano. His cum mixed with the milk from my tits and several anonymous faces moved in to lap up the mixture like whorehouse cats.

Yet another anonymous fellow dropped to his knees entranced before my throbbing pussy and began circling my clit with his tongue. Like a sledgehammer, the exquisite pleasure drew my attention away from the cum pulsing cock in my left hand and the other greedily throbbing one in my right that I am teasing with my mouth. I glance over and noticed Brian, smiling from a faraway corner, arms crossed and thoroughly pleased. Briefly I can’t seem to remember why he’s my ex…

What is an actor none other than an exhibitionist who seeks compensation and accolades from the eyes of his voyeuristic audience? Does the actor cease to exist once the audience is gone and the curtains closed? What is an exhibitionist without the hedonistic eyes of the voyeur?

Waves of infinite pleasure began to intensify their grip on my flesh. When I have sex where I am both the object of desire and objectify that which I desire, “orgasm” shifts from noun to adjective—It is my entire state of reason for existing for that moment in time which feels like forever.

After several minutes lost in thought Brian’s voice snapped me back to reality, "Don't waste a drop." I feel his erect cock touching my lips already on the crest of another orgasm. He emptied his creamy hot cum into my awaiting mouth as I swallowed. A trickle of silky white betrays me as cum streams slightly from each corner of my mouth. "Ahhh! I see my sweet has had her fill?" He states playfully. Wordlessly and with a devilish smile, I licked slowly at the edges of my lips and down over my chin being sure to catch every last drop.

Brian bent down and whispered in my ear, “You see! You are the performer of the evening. Cocks are straining and bruising at the sight of your performance, and many of them look as if they are going to explode without having been graced by your sweet mouth or cunt, Leela.” With that, I turned and addressed everyone directly, “Cum all over my face and breasts before the curtains close!” My request was met with broad smiles and more approving sounds of pleasure from the surrounding faceless audience.

Brian stepped to one side and with a bow, ushered an avoidant yet fully erect non-participant in my direction while saying, "Gentlemen first." Mr. Non-participant faded ghost white as perspiration beaded rapidly on his forehead. He stumbled blindly toward me and hurriedly unzipped his fly with nervous and clumsy hands. Almost immediately I am squirted with his release. His pulsating body contorted from the release and the rapture of the dopamine surge mixed with adrenaline hitting his brain and spine. His watery cum dribbled down my right breast as he resumed his faceless position in the ever-growing crowd around me.

"You next!" I bark as I pointed at a short thick-cocked young man. He barely made it to my face before he too squirted his seed over my breasts while another came on my thighs.

The remaining men all seemed to be at the point of cumming, but were taking a moment to draw their self-inflicted torture out for a few seconds more. I decided which of them will be next.

"You." I gestured and demanded of Mr. Average. The 40-something man with a handsome average cock practically tripped over himself to throw his cock and cum into the pleasure feeding frenzy. Yet he didn't quite make it; his first ejaculate hit the floor just to my left, but he managed to aim his last couple at my face, and barely succeeded.

Mr. Average then tried insipidly to encourage me to suck his cock clean but I dutifully and rightly turned my head away denying him that distinct pleasure. Brian took a step forward sensing his bewilderment and gave him a warning glance, which encouraged him to back away and return to the faceless crowd.

I returned to my previous position of observational exhibition and roll-call. A few have released their loads but some are still clearly fighting autonomic nervous system urges and are intent on showering me in cum, so I nodded at the veiny BBC, and a handsome dark-skinned gentleman with blinding white teeth takes his cue. I simply smiled at his penis in delight. I turned my face toward his velvety smooth cock and he aimed his lengthy tool at my lips and rubbed them with the silky-smooth head of his penis as he massaged his member slowly but purposefully, eyes fixated on my lips.

Several minutes pass…others have stepped forward, gotten off, and retreated and I began to think I am going to have to put a stop to his eventual pleasure. However, just as the thought enters my mind he closed his eyes and let out a loud groan as he erupted all over my lips and waiting features. He came in short spurts that seem to go on for an age, but eventually he stepped away his legs trembling, beaming all the while his electric smile which creased his deep chocolate face.

I look over to Brian to see his eyes are craven and filled unspoken desires along with an almost pleading look, just as I knew they would.

I grinned, and stated calmly to the only man in the room who never took his eyes off of Brian, "Sir..." The man wordlessly moved around in front of Brian, and I along with the entire collection of onlookers watched as I allowed him to indulge.

I heard Brian's gasps as he watched the dick craven beauty of a man fall to his knees taking the full length of his cock into his desirous mouth in one go. I watched as Brian slouched back against the wall at the incomprehensible pleasure of having his cock and balls drained anonymously and how it struck at the cracks of heteronormative sexual performance. I rose from my seat and put on my coat to enjoy the shock, awe, and insatiable disgust and what was taking place before such a “seemingly conservative” crowd of straight men. I noted with mild amusement that many of the surrounding men had begun vigorously jacking off, and hesitant eyes looked at other cocks from their dark corners. Cum soon stood in pearly puddles on the floor and the nameless and faceless reached the precipice of our surprise erotic performance.

I watched with gleed as the man's gorgeous curls bounced as his cavernous mouth sucked Brian's cock in a fervor. He sucked every last drop and didn't spill one bit. I relished the pleasure of watching Brian's buttocks clench as his load was expelled forcefully down the throat of the anonymously beautiful man. Complete and as Brian's knees almost buckled with relief ,our surprise actor thanks us with a bow and thereafter took a minute or two to compose himself; he straightened his bowtie and disappeared into the crowd.

As Brian recovered, I begin to slowly applaud before taking his hand. My applause was punctuated with the occasional bashful grunt of approval along with mumbled words of appreciation and exclamation.

I smile, "Shall we take leave?", just as the curtained closed on Les Misérables with a standing ovation offered by the oblivious crowds beneath our secret balcony. I imagined the applause was for both performances.

With a tight grip of his arm, Brian lead me out of the theater and into the crisp night air of the city. The still stunned audience quickly avoided one another’s eyes while others shook their heads in disbelief, but all willingly resumed their part in the grand social act of normalcy as they exited the theater.

The dripping cum still caked my face and partially naked body as we hailed a taxi and with a broad contented smile I asked, “Brian, now why did we break up again? We operate debaucherously and perfectly together!” To which he replied, “Leela darling, I was wondering the same thing the entire time…”

Dedicated to "Chi" in Connecticut. Your dirty mind is a deviant's playground.



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