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The Recondite Mind

Updated: Aug 5, 2023


My favorite pieces of you....

I mentally relish the feel of the salt of your skin on my tongue.

I savor the way you clench your buttocks as I draw near to thee; eyes locked in trance with your hand gently at the back of my neck.

The angles of your face are drawn as if in relief.

The intoxicating smell of you sour and sweet.

The curve at the base of your spine.

The way your hands fit into my hands.

The way your feet intertwine with mine in morning sheets.

The taste of you…wet and hard on my tongue.

Mix for topping...

What would you give for five minutes between the thighs of that woman you just walked past? The woman you sat next to on the train? That woman you saw crossing the street?


Yes her on the street.

Me in the dark tinted car thinking about the biochemistry of lust.

I see a gleaned thigh out of the corner of my eye poised in mid step.

Suddenly the only chemistry I can think about is the last time I was with you.

My cafe au lait skin; curls of fine hair teasing the nape of my neck.....and…of course you.

I recall you watching the rise and fall of my breasts as you thought I was sleeping just I watch her as she gauges the passing traffic.

My quintessence is captured in the sway of her hips as she continues her journey to parts of an unknown urban wilderness.

You imagine me in the parting of her cocoa thighs.




I want to imagine being taken on the hood of your car, skirt hiked and orally aroused to perfection until I have been softened just so.

I want you enraptured by the heat of my passion—my desire and your lust collide like the atoms that formed the Universe long ago.

Can you feel the beauty of evolution embrace every inch that you naturally are?

My mind attempts to drift into sleep with thoughts that keep an ache in between my thighs.



I am the woman that made you ask: “Did I just see desire manifested walk past? Succulent ass piled high on supreme legs encased in 6 inches of pure decadence?!”

Indeed, you did.

I shopped carefully for just the right pair of Manolo Blahniks that would catch your eye tonight.

You should thank the Heavens for my vanity…it is all an ode to your desires.

See, I'm not saying you’re not an ass man, and indeed my legs are lovely, but I know your true love is incomplete without heels that compliment my shape in only ways you know how to adore as the evening grows long.

Does the heat have you rising?

Threatening a creamy mousse filling fit for licking, the decadence of which is far too sweet not to share?

Your hands hold my calves firmly so the arch is perfectly served. My skin is softened perfection under the caress of your tongue's undulations.

Our acoustic corporeal bodies become a symphony of moans, pants, and fits of pleasure. I bite my pillow out of frustration due to your leave.

My face reflects various stages of surrender as my hand searches somewhere between the subconscious and lust.

I want to watch my reflection in your eyes.

My thighs quiver even as they widen to allow for more of you.

I love it when you fuck me.

I love it when I fuck you.

I love it when we fuck.

Willingly and wistfully yours.


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